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Customer FAQ

What is Ride Please™?

Ride Please™ is a ride-sharing company. We transport customers in our vehicles. The personal transportation industry is evolving and our mission is to set a higher standard for both our customers and drivers. Simply tap a button and you will get a ride. After you book the ride, you will receive a picture of your driver and their vehicle details. Upon arriving at your destination just hop out. We’ll automatically charge your credit card on file (or if you wish, you can opt to pay the driver directly using debit or credit – no cash payments permitted). Rate your driver! YOUR feedback is important. Our drivers are properly insured and hold the required licensing. Their vehicles are inspected, as per city by-law, for added safety. Our customers can feel confident they are receiving the highest quality of service when using Ride Please™.

Who owns Ride Please™?

The Driving Alternative Inc., a Canadian Corporation, (Keys Please®) owns and operates Ride Please™. Keys Please® has operated a designated driving service in Canada since 1997. We are proud to be the leader in the designated driving service and will continually strive to reach the same circle of excellence in the Ride Share business.

How do I get an estimate for the cost of my trip?

Using the app, after you have entered your pick-up and destination information, press “Review”. This will take you to a screen where you can review the information entered and view the estimate for the trip.

Why are there two charges on my bank statement after using Ride Please™?

Ride Please™ uses pre-authorization charges to ensure that a credit card is valid when a trip is booked. These charges are not taken from your account, but merely held for 1-5 business days (depending on your financial institution).

If you encounter any issues with these authorization charges, the first step would be to contact your financial institution. We are also happy to answer any inquiries, but due to the varying requirements between banks, they should be your first point of contact.

Can Ride Please™ accept flag trips?

No. In conjunction with the city by-laws all rides must be booked using the Ride Please™ App.

How is payment received for the service?

With Ride Please™ you have options. When booking your ride through the app you select to “Pay from the App” (enter your credit card information into the app which is a safe and secure method) or “Pay in Vehicle” (provide the driver with your debit or credit card to process through a wireless terminal – no cash transactions are permitted). Either way you choose, you will automatically receive a receipt for the service via e-mail.

What happens if I cancel or don’t show up for my ride?

If you cancel your trip after the driver has begun to travel to you or if you do not show up once the driver arrives, your stored credit card will be charged $5.00. This is to offset the cost to the driver every time they leave to pick up a passenger. Fuel, time and mileage are all direct costs to them.

If you have any problems with a cancellation or no show charge, please let us know and we will happily review the trip.

Service Animals?

Service animals are welcome in all of our Ride Share vehicles. Ride Please™ expects its family of drivers to comply with ALL applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws governing the use of service animals. A driver’s violation of such laws constitutes a breach of their agreement with Ride Please™.

Assistant Devices?

Ride Please™ drivers will be happy to assist and accommodate customers with folding wheelchairs, walkers, canes or other assistant devices.


Any report of discrimination will be viewed as a major driver violation. Ride Please™ will review the incident and if any violation(s) of the law have been breached, it could result in the loss of the driver’s access to the Ride Please™ platform.

How do I inquire about questions or concerns with Ride Please™?

Email us at or call us at 1-855-670-7433.

How do I rate my driver?

After the trip and payment have concluded, a screen will appear in the passenger’s app with five stars. Tap on the number of stars (1 – low to 5 – excellent) to rate the driver.

What happens if I forget an item in a Ride Please™ vehicle?

Our policy towards lost and found items is straightforward. If the driver notices the item or is contacted by us and finds the item in their car, they are to bring it to our local office. We will then contact the passenger and offer a Ride Please™ delivery (at our normal rate) or the passenger can pick it up from our office.