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Driver FAQ

What are the driver requirements for Ride Please™?

a. Class 1, 2 or 4 Driver’s License (over age 25)
b. 5-Year Commercial Driver’s Abstract, obtained within the last 30 days, 6 or less demerits
c. Valid City of Calgary Transportation Network Driver’s License (TNDL)
d. Vehicle: 8 years old or newer (no leases/must be Ride Please™ approved)
e. Android or iPhone
f. Tablet as specified by Ride Please™ (50% of cost reimbursed by Ride Please™ after 6 months)

What are the driver requirements to obtain a City of Calgary TNDL

a. Obtain an Enhanced Livery Vehicle Inspections Standards (E.L.V.I.S.)
b. Approval for City to obtain driver’s abstract
c. Approval for City to obtain Police Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search

What is the process to apply at Ride Please™ (Calgary Drivers)?

STEP 1: The Driver Application

STEP 2: Approved Applicants Meeting with Ride Please™

  • Accepted applicants will be contacted for a meeting. This is to supply you with more information and the ability to ask any questions previous to moving forward.

STEP 3: Vehicle Inspection

  • Vehicle Inspection completed by authorized Ride Please™ personnel.
  • Payment of $199 Deposit to Ride Please™ for full time drivers and $99 deposit for part time drivers. (Cash or Certified Cheque made payable to: The Driving Alternative Inc.)
  • Valid Motor Vehicle Record of Inspection (E.L.V.I.S.).
  • Obtain letter of intent from Ride Please™
  • Full time drivers obtain a copy of Ride Please™ Insurance and Registration
  • Part time drivers obtain insurance coverage from Aviva. Talk to your Ride Please™ representative.

STEP 4: Go to Livery Transport Services (LTS) Office

  • Address: #100, 2116 27 Ave. N.E.
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

Applicant must present the following:

  • Valid AB Driver’s License Class 1, 2 or 4,
  • Proof of status to legally work in Canada: Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card or Permanent Residence Card.
  • Letter of Intent from Ride Please™
  • Valid Ride Please™ Insurance and Registration.

Valid Motor Vehicle Record of Inspection dated within 30 days from a Livery Vehicle Inspection.

  • Applicant will be required to complete a permission form giving consent for LTS to obtain:
    • Calgary Police Service Check: This takes 1-3 weeks to be returned to LTS ($41 cost)
    • Driving Abstract: LTS will verify the applicants driving history and status

STEP 5: Go Back to Livery Transport Services (LTS):

  • Once LTS receives your Criminal Record Check, they will inform you. You will then return to LTS and,
  • Pay the licensing fee ($220)
  • There will be a letter e-mailed to you advising you of the TNDL.

STEP 6: Supply a copy of your TNDL to Ride Please™

STEP 7: Driver Training and Account Activation

  • Ride Please™ Decal on Vehicle
  • Schedule Driver
  • Mobile App & Safety Training

Can I use my own personal vehicle?

If the vehicle is 8 years old or newer, good condition, and of sufficient size to carry passengers comfortably, we may approve it. No leased vehicles. Please include details in your application or contact us to discuss.

Can I use my current taxi vehicle?

If your currently owned taxi meets the standards above, we may approve it. Please refer to the Vehicle Policy Chart for more information.

Vehicle Policy Chart
Criteria Car/Van Requirements Accessible Vehicles
Age of Vehicle No More than 8 Years Old No More than 8 Years Old
Condition/Appearance “Like New”, No Mechanical or cosmetic defects “Like New”, No Mechanical or cosmetic defects
Vehicle Model Midsize or larger 36” or greater rear leg room Approved Access Vehicle
Vehicle Color No specifications No Specifications

Who is Ride Please™?

Ride Please™ is a trade name owed by The Driving Alternative Inc. (Keys Please®) a Canadian Incorporation, that has been involved in the transportation industry since 1997.

Am I required to file taxes?

Yes, as an independent contractor, you are required to file your own taxes. Further, you MUST obtain a GST Number if generating more than 30K annually. We will direct you to speak to CRA or your accountant for further information.

What will the insurance deductible be?

The deductible for a full time driver is Twenty-Five ($2500) Hundred Dollars.

How am I paid?

The funds, due to you for that particular week, will be paid out in the time frame dictated through the agreement.

How does the Insurance work for Full Time drivers?

You will need to complete the ‘Authorization for Vehicle Services’ available through Service Alberta.  This form allows Ride Please™ to register your vehicle in the Ride Please™ name.  This form is not a replacement for proof of ownership but allows Ride Please™ to place insurance on your vehicle.

This coverage also includes insurance on personal use with the vehicle.

Part time drivers, please talk to a Ride Please™ Representative.

What if I no longer want to perform Ride Share?

We do not wish to lose good drivers. However, if you choose to leave Ride Please™ we request a two-week notice be supplied as to have the ability to replace your vehicle. This will allow us the ability to meet customer service requirements and not place any other Ride Please™ driver having to pick up those shifts.

What if I only want to work 2 or 3 days/week?

This is an option. Please contact a Ride Please™ Representative to discuss this further.

Is there a dress restriction?

Yes. All drivers are supplied, at no cost, a Ride Please™ jacket. They may purchase Ride Please™ golf shirts or long sleeved shirts, at our cost. If you wish to wear a sports jacket or similar, authorization is required.

The importance of this is to ensure our brand is recognized and the professional appearance is maintained throughout the fleet. Remember we have been in this industry since 1997 and the recognition of the Ride Please™ brand is incredibly important.

What are Ride Please™ rates?

Ride Please™ rates are as follows:

  • Base Rate or Start Rate: $3.30
  • Enhancement Fee: $1.55 per trip (goes directly to Ride Please™)
  • $0.30 for every 2/10th km or a portion thereof, or if the driver is traveling less than 20 km/hour then $0.20 for every 20 seconds or a portion thereof.
  • $36.00/hour wait time.